Our company history

2006: Founded as a one-man business

Rainer Strobel founded his business as a young manager with vision in Esslingen am Neckar in 2006 with just a secretary for support. The first large project was won by coincidence: an initial small project was commissioned to solve a production problem at the Eissmann Group Automotive vehicle supplier in Slovakia.

Further spectacular orders followed at the international level.

2007: First project in the Far East: South Korea

Strobel’s growing and resilient network, which was focused on the automotive sector, quickly formed into a company consulting group organised as partnerships with a wide range of offerings.

Further remarkable projects followed, including a highly complex consulting task related to production and supply chain management at Tier 1 of TRW Automotive in South Korea.

2008 bis 2012:

The economic difficulties of 2009 did not leave Strotec GmbH unaffected. Thanks to Strobel’s exceptional ambition combined with commitment, however, the company survived the crisis with no more than ‘minor injuries. The business divisions were further expanded in subsequent years and stabilised

2013 bis the present:

Today, the company employs a large number of highly skilled technicians and engineers.
These all contribute to the company’s success primarily through their willingness to accept responsibility.
With their approach based on well-founded analyses, creative strategies and dependable and pragmatic solutions, we stand out as a consulting company of the highest rank.
We are committed to our clients’ success - with all our strength. To hold to this, we must act professionally, openly and with agility.


Strotec GmbH

Consulting und Projektmanagement

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