Our Mission

We create changes for the long term, but they can be felt straight away. Changes that set a dynamic for improvement in motion and that go on living long after we have gone.

Anyone wishing to work with their contacts at the same level in their company must first understand their business, must speak the same language and must be familiar with the everyday challenges and the obstacles to implementation that are present.

It is our objective as a globally active corporate consulting service to understand the needs of our clients and to successfully realise their requirements.

The solutions we realise are generally not complex but quite simple. And yet the solution that seems the simplest often turns out to be the most difficult.

Our Employees

We know our employees’ skills, develop them further and encourage them to develop new ideas themselves. The highest level of professionalism is the basis on which our market-leading position is based.

When you need to take your global project to its agreed aims, we are the consulting company of choice.


Strotec GmbH

Consulting und Projektmanagement

Fabrikstrasse 1/1

D- 73728 Esslingen

+49 171 2102 761